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Every time my kids bring home their yearbook, I search and search and only find 2 photos of the kids (if that). And, now that spring is here and kids are creating their yearbooks, I’ve heard of a new trend in Florida and across the US.  Students are creating yearbooks online so they can personalize their pages and print it (if they want). A new yearbook product that I’ve discovered is TreeRing, a tool that allows the yearbook team to create 90 percent of the yearbook online, and each student or parent to create their own personalized pages with photos and memories from the past year.  When they have completed the yearbook project, parents purchase the yearbook and hard copies are delivered to the school to keep up with the school spirit.

The payment plan works well for schools: Because families create and order their yearbooks directly online through TreeRing, schools no longer have to pre-purchase and resell yearbooks (this leaves schools with unsold books and lots of wasted money.) READ: No more upfront fees for schools (they can spend money on things like…computers!). Parents purchase what they want, when they want. TreeRing even plants a tree for each yearbook sold.

I appreciate this project because I can work with my kids (if they’ll let me!) to create their yearbook and it gives us time to work on a computer project, in a positive way. It creates a moment to bond and a memory that will last forever.  An older student may want to create their custom page with a friend, and a younger student will work with a parent. In Florida alone, there are about 60 schools using TreeRing yearbooks.

The memories, accomplishments and activities of each student’s life are captured and preserved, so that years from now they’ll look back at their yearbook and remember all of their great times they had each school year.

Treering Featured on NBC News

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  1. these yearbooks are also preserved in a cloud environment which means, no damage or lost your books. being able to access these for years to come on whatever device is great advantage.
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