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Project ‘Glass’: Google’s Next Surprise

Project ‘Glass’: Google’s Next Surprise
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Google has recently announced their next surprise – Google Glass! It is a computing device which is designed to be worn on your head, just like eyeglasses. It is somewhat similar to normal glasses, but it does not have any glass lenses. This device does not cover the eyes and thus does not block the view. It just has half the frame as it does not need to hold the glass piece. It consists of a small lens for the display and a camera fixed on top right side of the Glass frame. The display is near to the right eye and will not interfere with your view of the surroundings. It disappears until you need to see something.

Initially, Google has designed a version of frames that are light weight. It has voice recognition and most of the commands are given through spoken words. You can take pictures, record video, set reminders, look up for information, make video calls. If you have a Google glass, you will never need a phone to take photos, send text messages, or get information regarding the directions about where to go!

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Google’s announcement and roll-out of Glass was quite the spectacle (haha). They’ve since released a number of promotional videos (such as the one you can view below). Another recently-release video shows a man starting his day and using this useful device from Google, all through his day! The video starts with a man who wakes up to see some icons in his phone display. The video will take you through a scene of the man looking out of the window and the display showing him the day’s weather. Then the man is seen being guided by his phone, each and every moment in his journey too. The advertisement also shows how easy it is to take a snap and share it with friends. The video calling facility is also portrayed clearly on this advertisement, which altogether gives us an idea of how good the service from Google happens to be.

Although Google has shown a product demo with the help of some skydivers, this product is still in development stage. Reports say that Google is trying to incorporate many applications to this device. It is actually expected to change the way of communication between people and even the way they access information. Though it is not available yet to regular customers, if you wish to be one of their first batches of customers, you can (attempt to) reserve  it in advance. The product is expected to be available in the market by 2013 and is sure to be a super hit among the technology lovers!

468x60 Project Glass: Googles Next Surprise
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  1. Google glass sounds awesome, but I’m sure it will be very expensive! Have you seen the google glass parody video? It’s quite funny :)
    Maybe google will release two versions.. (Like Amazon Kindle..) one premium, ad free, but more expensive and a cheaper one full of ads :)

  2. I am so happy this is finally here!!! Thank god I did my eye surgery. Now I will be able to use this awesome technology

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