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New Lenovo Ultrabook to Challenge MacBook Air?

New Lenovo Ultrabook to Challenge MacBook Air?
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Yes, you’ve heard it right! Lenovo has brought one of the thinnest ultrabooks in the market and deservingly so this ultrabook has caught our attention. This ultrabook – the ThinkPad X1 Carbon has a thickness of only 18mm that is likely to compete with the more celebrated ultrabooks like the MacBook Air and we think that the Lenovo enthusiasts may have a lot to cheer about when it comes to the X1 Carbon. Just like any other premium quality ultrabook, the X1 Carbon also comes with a high-end price tag and according to the official website of Lenovo the price starts at $1,329. Now, let’s see the features that make it a remarkable ultrabook, shall we?

Ultra Thin Design Combined with a Larger Screen

With 18mm thickness, Lenovo’s X1 Carbon is certainly rated as one of the thinnest notebooks released in the year 2012. However, it is not that only the ultra thin feature that grabbed our attention. This Lenovo ThinkPad is also coming with a 14-inch screen size which means it is about 1-inch bigger than the already famous 13-inch ultrabooks. The bigger screen is a bonus as Lenovo manages to keep the weight at 1.36-kg (which is 2.99 lbs). Thanks to the use of the carbon fiber, Lenovo can offer such a lightweight gem.

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Watch out for the Cutting-Edge Resolution!

Okay, now that we know that the X1 Carbon is coming with 14-inch screen then what’s more to know about the screen size? It’s the resolution that makes a huge difference in any LCD/LED screens and the same is with Lenovo’s X1 ultrabook. The resolution is perfect for wide viewing, providing a wider-than-usual viewing angle to the viewers as the native resolution of the X1 Carbon is 1600*900 – better than the usual 1366*768 resolution that comes with most notebooks/ultrabooks. So, in this case also, Lenovo is making a difference!

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Other Notable Features

Other than those highlighted features, this exciting ultrabook from Lenovo comes with some other notable features as well. The X1 Carbon has a very nice backup time that goes up to 8 hours. There’s also an advanced fingerprint reader available with it while some other features like Bluetooth 4.0 is introduced in this Lenovo Ultrabook. The most notable thing may be the fact that the X1 Carbon is powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors.

The Price

Lenovo fans can get this high-tech ultrabook at $1,329 from the official product page.

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