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MoMA Art Lab App for iPad Now Available

MoMA Art Lab App for iPad Now Available
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The digital edition of MoMA Art Lab is created by Museum of Modern Art, New York and designed by RenderMonkey Style. The MoMA app is now available in the Apple app store for the iPad and iPhone. What is the MoMA iPad app? In the words of the Museum:

What Can the MoMA App Do?

Get creative and use the MoMA Art Lab app to create a sound composition, a shape poem, a group drawing and more, then save and share your artwork (parental setting available). Digital play is a great way for families to learn about art, discover artists’ processes and inspirations, and spend time together. The MoMA Art Lab app is intended for ages seven and up

Electronic play is a fantastic way for family members to learn more about art, discover artists’ techniques and ideas, and spend some time quality time together. The MoMA Art Lab app is suitable for children and adults seven and up. The app offers a number of unique techniques including illustrating with the help of scissors, creating a line design, cooperation on a team illustration and creating an opportunity collection.

Art Combined With Learning in One App

The MoMA Art Lab app seeks to motivate kids through a variety of learning techniques to think about innovative procedures and try things out with different drawing resources. Its drawing pad contains forms that are easy to expand, move and reduce via zoom capability and touch actions. It is also overflowing with resources to create straight or free form lines in varying sizes and a scheme of over one hundred vivid colors. For some additional ideas, the app provides several fun recommendations such as developing a whole town with the help of geometrical forms and other motivating yet intuitive techniques. Works of art can be saved to the iPad’s camera roll. These can also be shared with family or with MoMA itself by e-mail or through Twitter.

Some important features of the MoMA Art lab App include:

  • Audio for pre-readers
  • Collaborate on a team drawing
  • Draw with scissors
  • Create an audio composition
  • Play with forms, collections, and colors
  • Create a shape poem
  • Create and preserve your own artwork
  • Make a variety of line design
  • Creative help for additional inspiration
  • Share your art work with others
  • Make a chance collection

One of the best features of this app is the sharing functionality. The ability to share allows users to discuss theirs and others’ artwork with MoMA, and other app users by e-mail or Twitter. Of course, security measures are in place so that children remain safe through built-in parental controls.

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The MoMA app can be purchased through iTunes for only $4.99. The MoMA app is certainly the first of its kind and is rather remarkable that it was released by an actual art museum as well! The universal hope is that this app spurs a new generation of art enthusiasts and encourages other museums to think outside of their museum walls.

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