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Microsoft, Deep Pockets and Folding@home [and sarcasm]

Microsoft, Deep Pockets and Folding@home [and sarcasm]
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So, most of the stuff I write on here is pretty well planned out. I think it over, write it up, edit it and post it for the world to see. This post is a little off the cuff, though. I couldn’t help it; I just had to share this email I received.

Maybe some of you received this email from Microsoft as well. The subject reads, “Learn the Cloud. Make a Difference.” A nice, catchy title. Very good, MSFT! I open up my email because I am interested in both 1) learning the cloud and 2) making a difference!

Again, with the first sentence of the email they have me hooked. “How does learning about cloud computing while contributing to scientific research sound to you?”

Well, duh it sounds awesome, tell me more already! So I keep reading…

Learn the Cloud 150x150 Microsoft, Deep Pockets and Folding@home [and sarcasm]

Learn the Cloud, Make a Difference

You will deploy an application to Windows Azure that directly contributes to Stanford University’s Folding@home effort, a distributed computing project that carries out simulations of protein folding. By simply running a piece of software, you can help scientists learn more about diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease and many cancers through banding together to make one of the largest supercomputers in the world.In addition to contributing directly to this project, Microsoft is donating $10 per participant to Stanford University to help the cause (up to $5,000 maximum).Here’s how you can learn the cloud – and contribute to some important scientific research:

Get an Account 3512707032012 arrow Microsoft, Deep Pockets and Folding@home [and sarcasm]
There’s no cost to participate with your MSDN Subscriber benefits or a Windows Azure 90-day free trial. Don’t have one? Get your FREE trial here or activate your MSDN Subscription benefits, which include Azure access.

Download the Tools 3512707032012 arrow Microsoft, Deep Pockets and Folding@home [and sarcasm]
Download the tools and dig in. Join us for a live platform overview or learn more about the platform via our pre-recorded screencasts. Check out the complete schedule here and register today.

Ok, so I realize Microsoft is already contributing to the program, but as an added bonus they’re going to donate $10 for every participant to Stanford University up to a maximum of $5,000.

Is the recession hurting MSFT that bad, too? I mean, come on guys. $5k? That would be a nice gesture from someone like, well, Late-Night Blogger, but from a software giant like you guys? Why even bother mentioning it? Seems like you’re going to catch more grief from it (oh, hey, like this post) than kudos, aren’t you? I’m sure Stanford University isn’t going to turn the money down but I just found this quite humorous.

Happy blogging!

*I bolded that. Oh, and that banner ad is mine, too. The links to their Windows Azure, however, are theirs.

1x1.trans Microsoft, Deep Pockets and Folding@home [and sarcasm]

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  1. See, now wouldn’t it be nice if sarcasm had a special font?

    FTR, I agree, 5k is pocket money for them. Maybe they dropped a ZERO?

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