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Top WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Site for Social Media

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Top WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Site for Social Media
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Do you have a WordPress blog that needs to be optimized for social media? It this case, you should probably keep reading because I will present you some popular WordPress plugins for social media that many bloggers use in 2012.


This plugin is a must for every blogger who wants the opportunity of adding a fully customizable bar that displays the voting buttons for social networks like Facebook or Twitter. There are actually two bars, a vertical one with big buttons and a horizontal one with small buttons. You can set a specific value of the page width under which only the horizontal bar will appear. The default value is 1000 pixels.

SEO Facebook Comment

If you really are into social media marketing, this plugin will allow Facebook users to comment through their Facebook profile directly on your website. This way you bring social media directly on your website. You can adjust the width of the comment box as you like.


This plugin is perfect for those who built a large community of Twitter followers. It basically creates a tweet out of archived posts and sends it on Twitter. This way you keep your old posts in the attention of your audience, thus driving more traffic toward your website.

Note: Tweetily is a re-do of the popular (but somewhat buggy) Tweet Old Post plugin and is my preference for auto-Twitter sharing plugins available right now.


Sociable is a free plugin that does exactly what Sharebar does but it supports more social networks apart from the most popular ones (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.) There is no need to mention that you customize the appearance of the tagline as you like. You can change the order of buttons with simple drag & drop moves.


One million websites from all over the world are using the ShareThis plugin to make things easier for Facebook and Google+ users. They click an icon and the like or the +1 is counted. It is not limited to only these 2 social networks. If the reader clicks the ‘More’ button he will get another 99 social platforms (examples: Amazon Wishlist, Allvoices, Blip, Digg, Delicious etc). You can choose from large icons, horizontal and vertical bars, and there is of course the classic ShareThis icon.

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Social Media Counters

If you want something that displays the number of likes, tweets or shares that a particular article has received, you need this plugin. This is helpful if you display it in a visible place because you give people a reason to start reading. The setting options include 3 possible positions: at the top of the content, within the content and at the bottom of the article.

1x1.trans Top WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Site for Social Media

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  1. Like you I use the commentluv plugin on my blog. It is a great plugin to encourage comments however it does not help very much with Social Media sharing. Would I be able to also use the SEO Facebook Comment plugin with the commentluv plugin?

    How would that work?

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