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Facebook to Force Switch to Timeline

Facebook to Force Switch to Timeline
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Facebook is the largest and most widely-used social network at present with 955 million users all over the world. People are updating their status, expanding their friend circles and boosting their revenues. It is the medium that brings lots of people together from every nook of the world. It is a big platform for running business; most of the local and small business have created facebook pages for extending their business worldwide. Due to such a huge fan following, facebook organizers have introduced improved and advanced apps that will help the masses in running their business in more efficient and effective way. In order to make the interaction more easy and efficient mong users, enhance the privacy of the personal accounts and to offer more privileges, facebook has decided to switch to the timeline.

Facebook’s reasoning for switching to the timeline.

Facebook changes to the timeline because facebook wanted the users to use the timeline for their self expression. It is the place that gives you the chance to reveal yourself, providing you more control over different designs of the page like photos, privacy setting, blocking unwanted people and giving you more opportunities of browsing. The timeline is now more brand narrative which is a plus point for all the business; now they can upload pictures, video along with text to increase the involvement of the consumers. The timeline gives you a beautiful ticks off a year when someone roles back. The timeline adds another app that also shares things with your friend which you read online, thus, enabling people to get useful information through friends.

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Basic Premise of the Timeline:

  • A new approach to express yourself
  • Offers opportunities to share your stories with friends and family
  • Increase small business engagement
  • Timeline introduce map feature

Your time is almost up.

In December, 2011 the new Facebook timeline was introduced. Initially, switching to the new timeline was voluntary, at that time users were notified for changing their profile to timeline and users has to click for the timeline activation. But, your time is up now!  all those people who are still using the old facebook theme is going to be migrated to the timeline. After changing to timeline facebook will give you 7 days to remove any of the data from your profile which you don’t want to share with the public. But, facebook still hasn’t announced any exact date for the timeline change.

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