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A Beginner’s Guide To Selling On Pinterest

A Beginner’s Guide To Selling On Pinterest
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Be it hard to believe or not, Pinterest has outrun Facebook in some situations, and one of them is selling your products if you are in the fashion, photography or handmade jewelry industry. The average Pinterest user is interested in these fields and he or she is most likely to purchase your products especially if you display some really nice discounts and offers.

Keep It Neat And Organized

Make sure you categorize your affiliate products. The way to do this is by creating separate boards for each category. For instance, suppose you sell books through Amazon on one hand and video marketing courses on the other hand, create a board for each of them. You don’t want to mix them up because you won’t target the right audience and you also create confusion giving the impression of a disorganized provider.

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Not having properly categorized items often leads to the thought that you offer poor customer service. If you didn’t take the time to sort things around, how can I know that you won’t deliver me the wrong product and not take the time to answer my questions?

Always Insert Your URL

An important part of selling your products is increasing your blog traffic because this way you will have 2 popular places where people can buy them: your Pinterest profile and your blog. In order to drive people to your site you always need to add an URL in the description box of everything you pin on your profile.

How To Upload A Product To The Board

Once you create and name the board, it’s time to upload your products. So, you upload a pin, which is actually an image. You select the proper board and write a description of the product. Add your affiliate link in there so that people land on the right page. In spite of the fact that you can write up to 500 words in the description field, I suggest you keep it short and to the point with a powerful call-to-action phrase and your affiliate link.

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Your purpose is to make the man click the link and submit the purchase. Since Pinterest is a social network and above all, the basic unit here is the image, my guess is that users have a short attention span and they won’t react well to 500 words texts. I think most of them will get bored and move on to something else that captures their attention. Keep that in mind when you write product descriptions on this social network.

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