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25 Positive Impacts Of Facebook

25 Positive Impacts Of Facebook
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Facebook is maybe the largest online social network these days. It has 800 million active members of all ages. Kids, teenagers, young adults, people in their 40s and even 60s have a Facebook profile. You can see why so many business owners turn to social media marketing. In this article you’ll find 25 good things that Facebook brought to us.

Business Benefits

  1. You get feedback from your clients easier by using advanced search functions to seek people who are talking about your business.
  2. Local businesses can target their audience better by sharing status updates only with people in a particular area.
  3. You increase people’s awareness with regard to your brand.
  4. Facebook can be used for back linking, thus improving your SEO strategy.
  5. More people will visit your site by clicking the links in status updates.
  6. People’s perception of your products and services will become more favorable.
  7. Customer support is done easier, people being able to simply leave comments on your wall.
  8. You can find opportunities to develop new services or products.
  9. Build real client-company relationships.
  10. You can research the market more effectively.
  11. Businesses can provide value to their customers through offering links to authority sites in the their field.
  12. You are doing business on a one-to-one basis, thus humanizing your company. People like to see they don’t deal with a logo or an overly formal employee.
  13. You’ll be able to support your current marketing system.
  14. Firms can interlink their online presences through displaying a list of ‘Other places where you can find us’.
  15. You gain a competitive advantage over other businesses in your field that haven’t heard about SMM yet.

Personal & Social Positive Effects

  1. Shy people can make friends online and then interact with them in the real world.
  2. Children get social confidence making it easier for them to make new friends.
  3. You can reach people who have the same interests as you do, thus talking about what you truly like.
  4. People can keep in touch with friends or family members that work or study abroad.
  5. You easily learn about upcoming concerts in your city.
  6. Teachers can communicate with students through Facebook referring them to informative sites.
  7. You are exposed to various points of views, opinions and ideas.
  8. Teachers can create discussion forums where students can express themselves openly.
  9. You can get in touch again with old friends that you haven’t seen for a long time.
  10. People can share photos and videos of important events in your life with friends and family.
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  1. These are all good tips. I also think it’s important for those launching a Facebook page to understand the level of commitment it takes to really let it reach its full potential. Many just hastily launch one and it ends up hurting them because they do not work to improve their presence appropriately.
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  2. Great post, this could easily be turned into an infographic and submitted to many different places to build links to your site :) Good info though!
    Garen recently posted..65 Blog TipsMy Profile

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