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Blogging 101: Get Traffic to Your Blog

repost bttn suprsd Blogging 101: Get Traffic to Your Blog

If you’re a blogger or website owner, I’d say it’s safe to say your goal (or one of them, at least) is to get more traffic to your blog or website. Higher traffic on your site can have all kinds of benefits from being a simple validation of your content’s value to being a financial boost to your wallet as well. Of course, if turning a profit from your site is one of your goals you’ve got to monetize your traffic, but that’s for another post entirely.

You’ve worked hard to create a killer website, but how do you go about increasing the traffic to your blog without breaking the bank? Sure, you can pay someone to help you, but who has the money for that? Besides, there are a number of ways you can increase the traffic to your site without costing you a dime.

Content (Is it Really King?)

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Related Searches

In a word – YES. Content really IS king. You want more of it and you want it to be of a high quality. Content is what drives visitors. The best content even has the chance of “going viral” in the blogosphere. Of course, ‘good’ is a relative term and how does one go about dreaming up all of those ideas for new content to create? Well, one tool I like to use is the ‘Related Searches’ link on the Google search page. I simply type in my idea and click the ‘Related Searches’ link on the left.

Voila!  A list of searches related to mine is displayed at the top of the page. This can be a great way to ‘idea hop’ from one idea to the next until you come up with then perfect idea for your new post. Who knows, you may come upon some interesting sites and blogs along the way as well!

Blog Commenting

I really think this technique remains terrible under-rated by most bloggers. I certainly am guilty of this when I first started blogging. I just crafted my posts on my own little island. I was a reclusive blogger. In reality, blogging is really a giant community, sharing ideas, interacting and responding to each other. A great way to have yourself included in that blogging circle is to seek out and comment on other blog posts (sp). Large or small, it really doesn’t matter – simply find content that you’re interested in and passionate about and share your thoughts. As a blog owner, I will tell you first-hand that this is a compliment when someone actually takes the time to share what they think on one of my posts. It’s the least I can do to provide them with a link back to their site and perhaps a few new readers as well!


scarrymommy post Blogging 101: Get Traffic to Your BlogI know what you’re thinking – “I barely have time to maintain my own site, let alone guest post on someone else’s!” I get it, I really do! I wrestle with this issue as well. What posts do we publish on our own sites? Which do we offer up to other sites? The fact is that guest posting on other sites can have just as much if not more of an impact on traffic to your blog as the posts you put up yourself. Here’s an illustration for you. Last year, the awesome-and-then-some blogger ScaryMommy agreed to let me post a guest post on her site titled, “Running Amok“. Take a look at the impact that one post had on my traffic.

Search Engines & SEO

For those of you that are a little more technically-inclined you can fine-tune your sites to be more SEO-friendly. SEO is a nerdy acronym for Search Engine Optimization or optimizing your website for search engines. Billions upon billions of searches are done every month – there’s no reason why you can’t get a piece of that pie, right? I’ve advised other bloggers on simple techniques to increase their search engine traffic and guess what? It works! Check out what Pauline of Perils of Divorced Pauline had to say about her experiences with SEO (and the quite awesome discussion that ensued in the comments as well).

Cover photo by by via Flickr.

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Website Editor: Daniel Ruyter

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  1. Hey, great advice! I’m a seasoned blogger but always good to read posts like these. Where hdve all the comments home lately, though? Seriously, Twitter and Pinterest killer the comment star…

  2. Hello Daniel,

    I’ve experienced all of the above. But I think, guest posting is the most powerful in this.
    Abhi Balani recently posted..Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?My Profile

  3. Content is and will always be king but the best content in the world doesn’t do you any good if no one can find it, right?
    Jeremy B Williams recently posted..My Hopes for Doctor Who Season 7My Profile

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